Medical Pedicure vs. beauty pedicure

We neglect the care of our feet too much. Maybe it is not reasonable to you need to cultivate our feet as we nurture the hair or face, but it’s very logical and. We are on your feet all day and loaded with a lot of pressure. As a result, many feet and should take care of them. When we do not take care of them, we can develop serious health problems such as fungus, blisters, abrasions in the skin, dry skin and ingrown toenails. To handle all this business it is important to go and do the occasional pedicure and even medical pedicure.
What this medical pedicure?

Medical pedicure performed by a professional manicure and pedicure course completed. Treatment is usually 45 minutes in length and is the only way to get back into perfect legs. Medical pedicure is basically complete foot care and pedicure is done on dry feet to ensure lasting results. Nails are cut with surgical removal safe and redundant skin, hard, dry and dead is also removed. Nails decorated, painted in Black Shield and get replenished and shiny appearance. Often also will use foot care products such as creams and different materials to maintain sterility feet.
Medical treatment usually also includes: a full assessment and consultation with the client on the condition of the feet and the determination of a series of treatments, cleaning and treatment of all problematic nails and damaged skin areas and dry. Forging or plucking or design of nails to remove dead cells and achieve maximum comfort, removal of blisters and corns, medical care, ingrown toenails, smoothing of calluses and heels, dry and cracked, restoration of color carnation natural, foot massage for relaxation, application of nail polish and providing guidelines for maintaining health habit in the future.

Medical Pedicure vs. beauty pedicure

While traditionally focused on cosmetic pedicure nail care in terms of aesthetic appearance, ignoring the serious problems in the legs and sometimes even create them if those doing the pedicure is not an expert. Unlike Cosmetology not trained enough studies from reliable sources pedicure, medical pedicure specialists have a high training that can really address issues of toes and nails. Medical pedicure is a non-invasive procedure, performed by experts and is suitable for people suffering from foot problems, compared with manicure beauty is only for people who want to upgrade the look of their toes. Medical Pedicure better suited to those whose legs work so hard every day, those legs are part of the equipment work (or coaching) you. In addition, medical pedicure is critical for diabetes patients, those suffering from arthritis, runners, ballet dancers and dance other professional, athletes, doctors and nurses, actors and artists, construction workers, police officers, women who wear high heels every day and each conscious health legs.
The author has vast experience of 10 years in the field of makeup and fashion and television productions.
Itzik Zuri is a makeup course guide North and school complex with beauty professions – Itzik Zuri
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